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Dj Rhose made a free uptempo hardcore mix!

Wed March 11th, 2015

Dj Rhose, the lady dj who kicks maximum ass with maximum beats no presents a new live mix free for you to check out! This is not for the weak hearted she starts around 220 bpm! [ Read more ]

Hardcore Radio at Masters Of Hardcore live!

Wed March 11th, 2015

Also this year you can enjoy the live sets during Masters of Hardcore on your favourite online hardcore radio station. Just go to and enjoy the sounds of hardcore. 28 march 2015! [ Read more ]

Terrortaste by Rotterdam Terror Corps & Terror Booster by SRB

Tue March 10th, 2015

Enjoy the limited edition of Terror Taste. This Obey edition is only available for a short period of time because it is extremely limited. Also Terror Booster by SRB is very limited get this edition it now or never! [ Read more ]

Hardcore Alliance this saturday in Utrecht!

Tue March 10th, 2015

On the 14th of march you can enjoy a new hardcore concept by Dance II Eden at the Central Studios in Utrecht. 3 Areas of Hardcore, Early Rave and Millenium sounds. The Rigeshop will provide the merchandise stand. More party information click the link: [ Read more ]

A new chapter in Darkcore... AEON on DNA Records

Sat March 7th, 2015

A new artist will release his first EP on DNA records. A new darkcore era has arrived with the doomy sounds of 2015. Keep in mind, AEON is coming! [ Read more ]

Short preview of new track by Chosen Few

Thu January 29th, 2015

A short preview of the upcoming EP 'Scream' by dj Chosen Few of Chosen Few Records. [ Read more ]

Yearmix 2014 by Jason S.!

Wed January 28th, 2015

Jason S. made another masterpiece! Go to the soundcloud of Rige Music for the link and tracklist! [ Read more ]

SRB & The Vizitor dominate the Hardtunes charts!

Sun January 25th, 2015

We congratulate SRB & DJ The Vizitor with their #1, 2, 3 and 4 positions (This Is Terror Records) in the Hardtunes charts! [ Read more ]

New track by dj Chosen Few (preview)

Fri January 23rd, 2015

DJ Chosen Few [Short Preview] from the upcoming EP called ' SCREAM' - CFR #011. Release date will be announced soon. [ Read more ]

New track by Hungry Beats!

Thu January 22nd, 2015

Traxtorm has released Brutale 02 on Hardtunes. This project includes the track 'We had a problem' by Hungry Beats. [ Read more ]

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