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Harmony Of Hardcore 2020 - Erp

Sat January 25th, 2020

Saturday may 30 Harmony of Hardcore 2020 - 15 Years of The Ultimate Hardcore Feeling! Rotterdam Terror Corps will play at the mainstage. Estasia will play 2 sets. The first one in the Footworxx area and the second one b2b with Lady Damage at the Ravezo... [ Read more ]

Tomorrowland 2020 - Belgium

Fri January 24th, 2020

Rotterdam Terror Corps, Estasia and Lunakorpz will perform at Tomorrowland in Boom - Belgium. [ Read more ]

Estasia - The "No Brakes" Event

Wed January 22nd, 2020

Saturday april 25 Estasia The "No Brakes" Event at Studio76 in Etten-Leur. 2 areas. Doors open from 21:00 till 04:00. Click here for the eventpa... [ Read more ]

Masters Of Hardcore 2020

Tue January 21st, 2020

March 28 Rotterdam Terror Corps, Dione, Waxweazle, Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo will perform at Masters Of Hardcore - Beursgebouw Eindhoven. [ Read more ]

Hardcore Fan Day - Easter Edition

Mon January 20th, 2020

Monday april 13 Hardcore Fan Day - Easter Edtion at Rigeshop Warehouse in Poortugaal (Rotterdam). Live broadcasted by Hardcore Radio! Meet & greet artists Special offers by Rigeshop. Doors open from 12:00 till 18:00. FREE ENTRY!!! Read more ]

Free X-Mess track SRB

Wed December 18th, 2019

Thanks to Donald J. Trump, SRB created a new X-mess booster which you can download as a free track on Hardtunes. The X-mess booster (re-mash) is also accompanied by an insane Christmas clay zombie video which you can check out on YouTube: Read more ]

Paul Elstak The Offensive Years - 2CD

Wed December 18th, 2019

Espeacially for the die hard Offensive hardcore fans out there we released a hardcore compilation with only Paul Elstak Hardcore hits of the last 20 years. Offensive Records Rotterdam was founded in 2000 and the first release was ‘Rage’ so check out th... [ Read more ]

New Kasparov release online

Tue December 17th, 2019

The new release of DJ Kasparov & Scarra "Hit The Gas" by State Of Anarchy is online! Preview, download or stream Hit The Gas by Kasparov & Scarra: Hardtunes... [ Read more ]


Tue December 17th, 2019

Saturday july 4th 2020 Rige music is for the 8th time Floorpartner at Ruhr-in-Love Oberhausen (Germany). We will host another Rige Music / Megarave Area. Megarave Rec., This Is Terror Rec. Offensive Rec., Disobey Rec, Triple Six Rec. and more will send... [ Read more ]

Hellraiser the Return

Mon December 16th, 2019

In the fall of 2020 Hellraiser will return with an insane lineup. This time we will shed blood and go there where no man has gone. We are also working on a Hellraiser abroad, more info in 2020. [ Read more ]

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