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Estasia most popular Hardtunes artist

Fri October 18th, 2019

Estasia, Rotterdam Terror Corps and Lunakorpz are in the top 5 of Most Popular artists in Hardtunes charts! 1 Estasia 2 Angerfist 3 Rotterdam Terror Corps 4 Lunakorpz 5 Sandy Warez [ Read more ]

New Estasia 2CD - No Brakes

Fri October 4th, 2019

The uptempo princess produced her second album on Triple Six Records and it is a winner! Disc 1 includes 14 brand new hardcore tracks and collabs with artists like: Furyan, Lunakorpz, Hyrule War, Andy the Core and many more. Her remix of 'Time to Kill ... [ Read more ]

New album by Dissoactive

Thu October 3rd, 2019

Terror artist Dissoactive is finalizing his new album for This Is Terror Records. 14 solo tracks and cooperations with SRB, Suicide Rage, Striker, Doctor Terror and Paranoizer. [ Read more ]

New track by The Wishmaster

Sun September 29th, 2019

Labelmanager The Wishmaster of Disobey Records has released the new release '2 Years Of Chaos' which includes tracks by The Wishmaster, The Fuze, Chemical Gorilla and Alix Sniper. The release is available at Hardtunes. Read more ]

New Lunakorpz releases

Fri September 27th, 2019

Uptempo artist Lunakorpz has been busy. Today Offensive Rage has release project 'Titans Of Rage' which includes amongst others a track by Lunakorpz. Read more ]

Distortion (RTC) in Tokyo

Tue September 17th, 2019

DJ Distortion of Rotterdam Terror Corps performed last weekend in Tokyo. There where 3 hardcore events in Tokyo last weekend and Distortion was at all 3 of them. The last party was event Black Box Volume 8 at at Heavy Sick Zero. Other performing artist... [ Read more ]

SRB presents This Is Terror 7

Mon August 26th, 2019

SRB presents This Is Terror Volume 7! This release of This Is Terror Records includes tracks by SRB, Dissoactive, Suicide Rage, Underground Vandalz, DJ-D.Chainsaw and Paranoizer. Available at Hardtunes Read more ]

Estasia and Paul Elstak at Dream Village 2019

Fri August 23rd, 2019

Saturday august 31 uptempo djane Estasia (Triple Six Records) and Paul Elstak (Offensive Records) will perform at Dream Village in Bavel. [ Read more ]

Decibel 2019

Wed August 21st, 2019

Last weekend SRB, Estasia, Dissoactive (2x), Suicide Rage performed and MC Jeff hosted 2 days at Decibel Outdoor in Hilvarenbeek. It was a wonderful weekend with a great vibe all around the festival and the camping site. [ Read more ]


Thu August 1st, 2019

Saturday october 26 Hardcore Fan Day! Live Hardcore Radio & special offers by Rige Shop! Meet & greet artists. Join the Hakkuh dance contest back and maybe win 100,- euros cash! There will be special meetings for special artists and Rotterda... [ Read more ]

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