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2022-09-15 SpijkerHard at Hardcore radio.

Thu September 15th, 2022

Thursday september 15th: SpijkerHard Special at Hardcore Radio. Live sets by DJ Gizmo - DJ Distortion - Lady Error - Seductive Steve - StainS N Eddie-C - DJ Ginia - See-Mor... [ Read more ]

DJ Distortion (RTC) to Spain

Fri September 2nd, 2022

Tuesday october 11Distortion of Rotterdam Terror Corps will play a Rotterdam Classics set at Ultraclub Millennium in Sils (Spain).

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Gizmo to Bogota - Colombia

Fri September 2nd, 2022

Saturday december 17 Gizmo of The Dreamteam will perform at event Ready To Hakkuh - Club El Chango in Bogota (Colombia)

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31/08 The Dreamteam at Hardcore Radio

Mon August 29th, 2022

Wednesday august 31: In Da Mix Throwback - The Dreamteam at Hardcoreradio.nlRead more ]

Ground Zero 2022 -This Is Terror Rec.

Mon August 22nd, 2022

Saturday august 27 This Is Terror Records artists SRB, Dissoactive, Paranoizer, Suicide Rage, Groan-er will perform at festival Ground Zero 2022 - Noizekick's Terrordrang Area.

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Gizmo at Mysteryland

Fri August 19th, 2022

Sunday august 28 DJ Gizmo of the legendary The Dreamteam will perform at Mysteryland - Thunderdome stage.

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Last set by Kasparov at Decibel 2022

Thu August 18th, 2022

Saturday august 20th dj Kasparov of amongst others Megarave Records will play his last set ever at Decibel 2022.

Statement by the artist himself regarding this big step: Read more ]

Decibel Outdoor 2022 will be great!

Thu August 4th, 2022

Saturday august 20 and sunday august 21 our artists Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, Dione & E-noid, Suicide Rage and Kasparov will perform at Decibel 2022 in Hilvarenbeek.

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The Wishmaster - Hardcore Nothing Else

Wed August 3rd, 2022

The Wishmaster proudly dropped his double album release: Hardcore Nothing Else! This album containes 28  brand new and the best tracks from previous albums of his label Disobey Records. Hardcore legend The Wishmaster, born... [ Read more ]

Roots Of Hardcore - Time Out

Tue August 2nd, 2022

Saturday october 15 Roots Of Hardcore will blast into the past with the best Early & Millennium Hardcore artists at Time Out in Gemert. Rotterdam Terror Corps, Gizmo, Dione, Dano and Huma Resource will perform a this 9-hour... [ Read more ]

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