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Masterclass by Dr. Peacock & Chrono

Thu February 13th, 2014

Coming spring, Dr. Peacock & Chrono will be giving a DJ-Producer Masterclass. Are you well on your way to making complete tracks and do you have a preference for the harder electronic music styles? Then this course will take your skills to the next level!

After the course:
1. You can create your own "very hard" kicks, totally unique to your taste
2. You benefit from all the (new) techniques Dr. Peacock and Chrono use in their productions and can apply them directly to your own tracks
3.You know how you can stand out with your tracks as an artist
4. You know the importance of a distinctive theme in your tracks and have the tools to come up with innovative themes
5. You can control the mixing and mastering of your tracks even better and can look at your sound from different angles
6. You will have new insights into making drum beats, FX, arrangements
7. You will discover new plugins that will give your productions an enormous boost

Because you are subscribed to the Rige newsletter you will receive 100 Euro discount*. All you have to do is print this email and take it with you to the Masterclass. *discount cannot be combined with other offers

Don’t hesitate, there are limited spaces available. Go to:
For the beginners course email:


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