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Trailer docu Rotterdam Terror Corps​ at ADE

Tue October 13th, 2015

Check out this trailer for the VICE Nederland documentary of Rotterdam Terror Corps. We do our best to get subtitles on the full documentary coming out soon. The full docu will be shown during the ADE as a preview this coming week.

The premiere of the docu regarding Rotterdam Terror Corps​ by VICE Nederland​ and THUMP​ at ADE​ in Amsterdam :

14 october: 17:30 uur - Mata Hari
15 october: 19:00 uur - de Balie
16 october: 17:00 uur - de Balie
16 october: 19:30 uur - Cinema Café
16 october: 21:45 uur - A l'elephant du Congo x Kollektiv
17 october: 19:00 uur - de Balie
18 october: 21:00 uur - Amsterdam Roest


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