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Hardcore Fan Day & Blow Out Sale at Resonanzwerk Oberhausen 6.12.2015

Wed November 11th, 2015

On sunday 6 december we have another Hardcore Fan Day aka Blow Out Sale in Germany. This time at ResonanzWerk Oberhausen. More info for this free event:

On sunday 6 december we have another Hardcore Fan Day aka Blow Out Sale in Germany. This time at ResonanzWerk Oberhausen. We got the following line up for this FREE party:
Rotterdamterrorcorps SRB F. NøIzE dj chosen few Dione a.k.a. E-Noid The Masochist DJ Distortion RTC The Beatkrusher Dj Radiate MD&A Mc Skullcrusher and MC ADK. Great deals on hardcore merchandise and a meet and greet with your hardcore heroes! We start at 12.00.

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