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February 26, 2022 Hardcore Fan Day - Uptempo

Thu February 17th, 2022

Saturday february 26: Hardcore Fan Day - Uptempo Hardcore Terror edition

Free entry! Saturday february 26 Hardcore Fan Day - Hardcore / Uptempo / Terror Edition at Rigeshop Warehouse! From 12:00 till 18:00.

First annou... [ Read more ]

Gizmo Album live stream Hardcore Radio

Thu February 17th, 2022

Wednesday february 23rd Gizmo album release ’The Best Of’ at Hardcore radio. Live sets by Gizmo, Dj Voltura and Dj Defendor. Hosted by DJ Distortion of (Rotterdam Terror Corps). From 19:00 till 23:00.

The show will be live broadcasted atRead more ]

We welcome Paranoizer!

Wed February 2nd, 2022

Paranoizer started at the age of 12 dj-ing with vinyl and producing with Fasttracker2. In 2004 was his first performance. He played at events like Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Hardcore4Life, Pandemonium, Harmony of Hardcor... [ Read more ]

We welcome Groan-er!

Tue February 1st, 2022

Groan-er is a speedcore producer from Poland. He is a creator and supporter of terror & speedcore. Groan-er’s style is a mixture of aggressive kicks, metal, darkness and sentimental melodies. He is the owner of Warsaw Speedcore Records and Groan-er... [ Read more ]

Gizmo & Friends live stream Hardcore Radio

Mon January 24th, 2022

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SRB - X-Mess Booster

Tue December 21st, 2021

This Is Terror Records presents: SRB - X-Mess Booster 2021. Traditionally SRB makes a Christmas terror track every year. Click here to check out the ... [ Read more ]


Tue December 21st, 2021

2022-07-02 Ruhr In Love - Rige Music floor Saturday July 2nd Rige Music will host an area at festival Ruhr In Love in Oberhausen (Germany). Rige Music (Megarave Records, This Is Terror Records, Offensive Rage Records, Disobey Records etc.) will send t... [ Read more ]

November 19, 2022 Hellraiser

Mon December 20th, 2021

Hellraiser ‘A Waste Of Good Suffering’ at Music Dome in Kerkrade of november 13 (2021) has been posponed to november 19 in 2022. Friday november 12 (2021) at 19:00 the Dutch government imposed rules that make parties for at least 3 weeks impossible ... [ Read more ]

December 17, 2022 Hardcore Gladiators & SRB

Sun December 19th, 2021

Saturday december 17 This Is Terror Records artist SRB will celebrate his birthday at Hardcore Gladiators at the Music Dome in Kerkrade. Join the battle for true hardcore believers on the 19th of december. Hardcore Gladiators will strike again with ... [ Read more ]

New Hellraiser 2CD & digital EP

Wed December 8th, 2021

Megarave Records presents the new Hellraiser 2CD and digitalEP The 2CD with 40 new including tracks by Estasia, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Paranoizer, RoughSketch, Dissoactive, Suicide Rage, Lunakorpz, SRB, E-noid, Alienator and Dione. The 2CD is avail... [ Read more ]

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