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Hardcore Fan Day & Blow Out Sale at Resonanzwerk Oberhausen 6.12.2015

Wed November 11th, 2015

On sunday 6 december we have another Hardcore Fan Day aka Blow Out Sale in Germany. This time at ResonanzWerk Oberhausen. More info for this free event: [ Read more ]

Sound Of Madness a Peppermill Rave Reunion and SRB's Birthday 27-12-2015

Wed November 4th, 2015

Sound of Madness a new partyconcept by Rige presents a Peppermill Reunion and SRB Birthday Party on December the 27th. This party is going back to the old roots but the only problem is that the Peppermill has been closed down for a couple of years now. [ Read more ]

Check out the Booze & Dope (Drank en Drugs) bootleg by RTC vs SRB

Tue November 3rd, 2015

The summerhit of 2015 in Holland was a song about booze & dope. A lot of people hated it because little children were singing they liked booze & dope! So RTC and SRB thought this track deserved a hardcore make over: [ Read more ]

New release by RTC vs Dione & SRB!

Mon November 2nd, 2015

Out now! The new Rotterdam Terror Corps versus Dione & SRB release (Megarave Records) on Hardtunes! Featuring 4 tracks with Dj Dione, SRB and RTC Solo. This EP comes with a free bootleg (Booze & Dope) Get it on hardtunes now! [ Read more ]

RTC docu by Thump / Vice online!

Sun November 1st, 2015

Check out the Rotterdam Terror Corps documentary on VICE! [ Read more ]

Nightmare Anthem by Paul Elstak and friends

Sun November 1st, 2015

Nightmare Anthem 2015 This years Nightmare Anthem will be made by the Offensive crew feat. Dj Paul Elstak, The Beatkrusher, The Unfamous and MC Ruffian. They create a Knettah heavy hardcore anthem "The Dark Shades" get it here on hardtunes: [ Read more ]

Paul Elstak: The Godfather of Hardcore

Thu October 29th, 2015

Paul Elstak: The Godfather of Hardcore Het jaar 2016 kan niet vroeg genoeg beginnen want ‘the man himself’ zal zijn verjaardag gaan vieren dus pak je agenda! Op zaterdag 16 januari brengt The Godfather of Hardcore een ode aan zijn carrière tot nu toe [ Read more ]

Trailer docu Rotterdam Terror Corps​ at ADE

Tue October 13th, 2015

Check out this trailer for the VICE Nederland documentary of Rotterdam Terror Corps. We do our best to get subtitles on the full documentary coming out soon. The full docu will be shown during the ADE as a preview this coming week. [ Read more ]

Rige Bookings at ADE

Tue October 13th, 2015

Friday october 16 Rige Bookings will attend Amsterdam Dance Event. [ Read more ]

New The BeatKrusher feat. Rob Gee

Thu October 8th, 2015

Out now! The new The Beatkrusher release on Offensive Records! Including a track featuring Rob Gee. [ Read more ]

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