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Roughsketch live at EDP Lab

Sun May 17th, 2020

Japanese hardcore artist RoughSketch will play live at EDPlab monday may 25 CET 01:00 - 05:00 / sunday may 24 JST 18:00 - 22:00. Check [ Read more ]

Dano & Def P live at Paradiso

Sat May 16th, 2020

May 22 at 17:00 Read more ]

Kasparov at Home Sessions

Thu April 30th, 2020

B2S presents Home Sessions. During this difficult time we all crave a connection with the things and people we love most in life. As we all collectively miss out on live musical experiences, B2S has decided to come up with a concept that serves you in ... [ Read more ]

New SRB release - Covid19

Wed April 22nd, 2020

This Is Terror Records presents the new project by SRB. 2 versions of his 'Covid19' track are also available on Hardtunes. Click here to go to Hardtunes and other p... [ Read more ]

Ruhr In Love 2021 - Oberhausen

Mon April 20th, 2020

We are sad Ruhr-in-Love 2020 will not go ahead this year. We hope to see you at our Rige music Area in 2021! Saturday july 3rd 2021 Rige music is for the 8th time Floorpartner at Ruhr-in-Love Oberhausen (Germany). We will host another Rige Music / M... [ Read more ]

This Is Terror event

Wed April 15th, 2020

This Is Terror Records is preparing to host an event at Studio 76 in Etten Leur. Performing artists are SRB, Dissoactive, Suicide Rage and more. Soon more information on the Facebook page of This Is Terror. Read more ]

Estasia upcoming album

Thu April 9th, 2020

Estasia is working on her new album "Lockdown" which will be released in october. Like her previous two CD albums she will present her new album at This is Uptempo (Time Out Gemert) where she will host the second area.   [ Read more ]

New E-noid release

Tue April 7th, 2020

DNA Records presents the new release by E-noid - Enjoy The Shadows. The project is available at Hardtunes. For previews click here. The videos of the 2 tracks are on t... [ Read more ]

Rotterdam Terror Corps spotify

Mon April 6th, 2020

Check out Rotterdam Terror Corps on Spotify. [ Read more ]

Offensive Rage Youtube channel

Wed April 1st, 2020

Uptempo Lunakorpz is one of the performing artists at label Offensive Rage Records. Check out and follow the new Youtube channel of Offensive Rage Records. Click here to ... [ Read more ]

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