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New podcast by Dissoactive

Mon August 14th, 2017

New podcast by Dissoactive? of This Is Terror Records. Terror Savages Project Part 2. [ Read more ]

DJ Madnezz 'Violence Album'

Wed August 2nd, 2017

Megarave Records presents the first album by DJ Madnezz from Belgium. 'Violence Album' includes 23 brutal tracks featuring DRS, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Suicide Rage, Radiate, Para Italia, Wars-Industry, D-fact, Unrest, Nastheo, Sonik The Rebel, Mast... [ Read more ]

We welcome Exhilarate!

Tue August 1st, 2017

We welcome hardcore & uptempo artist Exhilarate! Stijn Simons started his DJ career in the year of 2010. He was the winner of DJ contest 'Beter kom je niet' at Thunderdome Radio. In 2015 Exhilarate started with the focus to produce uptempo ha... [ Read more ]

We welcome Unleashed Fury!

Tue August 1st, 2017

We welcome hardcore & uptempo artist Unleashed Fury! Unleashed Fury already teamed up with artists like System:Overload, Repix, Stampede, Yves and Exhilarate to create some kick ass tracks. These projects have been released on Megarave Records, ... [ Read more ]

We welcome Cardan!

Mon July 31st, 2017

We welcome Dutch artist Cardan. Cardan plays hardcore, uptempo, industrial and crossbreed. In 2016 Cardan produced with System Overload their release 'Moshpit' for Megarave Records which was played by great names in the scene. Cardan also release... [ Read more ]

We welcome The Wishmaster!

Thu July 20th, 2017

We welcome Italian hardcore DJ and producer from Rome The Wishmaster. The Wishmaster is a highly talented dj/producer that knows how things roll in the scene. As he loves preforming on stage and in the studio, he is the type of person that is always... [ Read more ]

SRB presents This Is Terror 4

Wed July 19th, 2017

SRB presents This Is Terror - Volume 4. Featuring artists like: UKTM, Hungry Beats, From Nowhere, Dissoactive and Kurwastyle Project vs Suicide Rage with their crazy 300 bpm tune 'Take me away.' Available at Hardtunes: Read more ]

New release by RoughSketch

Tue July 18th, 2017

Check out the new release by Japanese #1 hardcore artist RoughSketch! RoughSketch featuring DD "Nakata" Metal - Flame Of The Core. [ Read more ]

Paul Elstak receives Platinum Award

Fri July 14th, 2017

The track 'Engeltje' by Paul Elstak, Dr. Phunk and Jebroer became platinum! Tonight legend Paul Bosvelt handed over a platinum award to Paul Elstak during his set at Zwarte Cross in Lichtenvoorde. [ Read more ]

New remix by DJ Vortex

Tue July 11th, 2017

New remix by the Italian Godfather of Hardstyle DJ Vortex online.
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