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Bank Details

Rige Distribution B.V.
Account number: 32.72.02432
Iban code: NL68rabo0327202432
Swiftcode/BIC: rabonl2u
Address bank:
Rabobank Voorne-putten Oost
Jan Campertlaan 6
3200 AA Spijkenisse


Rige Group of Companies
Ambachtstraat 12
3176 PR  Poortugaal
Tel. +31 (0)10 5065500 E-mail:

Rige Entertainment BV started as a partypromotor / artist agency in 1990 and grew to be the biggest hardcore underground distribution company. Rige is a distributor, recordcompany, partyorganisation, bookingsagency and has the oldest and biggest hardcore on-line shop. Besides Rige is the home of Rotterdam Terror Corps.


Our labels are MEGARAVE RECORDS (Rotterdam Terror Corps, Distortion, Dr. Z-Vago, Dione, Headbanger, Chosen Few, Masochist, The Dark Twins, Outblast etc.) OFFENSIVE RECORDS (Paul Elstak, mc Ruffian, Firestone, Promo, Hardcore Fundamentalists, Panic, Mainframe, The Stunned Guys etc.), HARDCORPS RECORDS (Lowcorps, Virtual Darkness, Vacorps, etc.) HAUNTED HOUSE RECORDS (Dr. Macabre, French Connection, Lunatic Asylum), X-PERMIMENTAL RECORDS, HTRV RECORDS (Lunatic Asylum) and DUTCH GABBER NETWORK RECORDS (Hard SL, The Dark Twins, Exagon, Profane, Partyraiser & Distroyer, D.N.A. Records (E-noid, Negative A, Slavefriese, Darkcontroller & Cemon Victa), etc.)


Rige Distribution BV distributes cd's, vinyls and merchandise to shops, wholesalers private persons from all over the world. Private persons can only order via our on-line shop

  • VINYL : 3rd Movement, Adam, AEON, Alpha, Babyboom, Bass Fanatiker, Bern Burn, Bionic, Black Label, Bloc, Boedha, Bohnerwachs Tontraeger, Braindead, Bzrk, Chronic, Col, Coolman, Crossbones, CSS, D.N.A., Danger Hardcore Team, D-Boy, Dirtbox, Doggy Style, Dom, Dutch Gabber Network, Dutchbad, Dwarf, EBE Company, Enzyme, Epiteth, Evolution, Fifth Era, Fix, Fonky Fibe, Forze, French Import, Fuck Off, Gabberhead, Gif Phobic, G-Net, H2O, Hard Bass Techno, Hardcore Blasters, Hardcorps, Hardline, Hardrive, Hardtec, Hatix, Haunted House, Headfuck, HSC, Impulse, Industrial Strength, Intensive Care, Kamikaze, Knightcore, Inferno, Knor, Kool Pop, Leach, Legions of the Hard, Masters of Hardcore, Megarave, Mindcrimers, Neophyte, Noculan, Nok, Offensive, Otaku, P.T.P., Phuture Music, Phuture Rave Pylon Promotions, PNR, Powerbeats, R909, Rave, Rave Frontier, Rave Odyssee, Ravetracks, Retro, Re-Turn, Rotterdam, Ruffneck, Sinwaves Productions, Solar Eclipse, Spleen Kick, Strictly Hardcore, Suburban Trash Industries, System, Touch Down, Terror Trax, Test Crash, Thorn Industries, Trashcan, Traxtorm, USA, Uwe, VIP, White labels, Widerstand, Yellow and many more...
  • CD's : Acardipane, Antigroove, Arcade, Babyboom, Bloc 46, Bloody Fist, D.N.A., Digital Overdose, Enzyme, Epiteth, Fixparty, Forze, Gangsta, G-Net, Hardcore Blasters, HDT, Human, ID & T, Jump, Killing Sheep, Mark XIII, Masters Of Hardcore, Megarave, Midtown, Mokum, Neophyte, Neurotoxic, Nordcore, Praxis, Premium, Psychik Genocide, Rebound, Rotterdam Records, Ruffneck, Ruff-teck, Seismic, Shockwave, So Real, Soundbase, Steady Beatz, Strictly Hardcore, TerrorTraxx, The third movement, This is terror, Trashcan, Tripsichord, Underground Music, Uwe, Wallkeys and many more...
  • MERCHANDISE : shirts, caps, ladywear, bags, stickers, jackets, keyhangers, lanyards, tops, hoodeds, slipmatsets etc. of diverse artists, parties, organisations and recordlabels like : 3 Steps Ahead, Bloody Fist, Bern Burn, Bzrk, Coolman, D-boy, Danger Hardcore Team, Darkraver, Delerium, DNA, Dr. Macabre, Dutch Gabber Network, Dwarf, Energiehal, Enzyme, E-Rick & Tactic, Forze, Fuck Trance, Gabba nation, Gabberking, Gizmaniax, H20, Hardcore, Hardcore Resurrection, Hardcorps, Headfuck Terrorist, Hellraiser, Hellsound, Global Hardcore Nation, Industrial strength, Junkie 4 Life, Kotzaak, Lenny Dee, Masters Of Hardcore, Mc Raw, Megarave, Mysteryland, Neophyte, Noize Suppressor, Nordcore, Offensive, Pengo, Pila, Promo, Prophet, Raving Nightmare, Rob Gee, Rotterdam, Rotterdam Records, Ruffneck, Samurai, Strike, Thunderdome, Traxtorm AND MANY MORE... We also sell exclusive items and clothes which are only available in this shop.
  • ROTTERDAM TERROR CORPS STUFF : bags, bombercoin, bombers, caps, chain, flags, giftbox, hats, hoodeds, jackets, keyhangers, lady wear (tops, sleeveless shirts, tanktops, tight shirts), lanyard, metal badge, pens, phone pouch/gsm holder, pins, poloshirts, polosweaters, shirts (shortsleeve, longsleeve, full colour, etc.) slipmatset, stickers, sweaters, v-neck shirts, wallets and much more in different colours and sizes. We also sell exclusive items of Rotterdam Terror Corps which are only available via our on-line shop.
  • ENTRY TICKETS : Consumers can order entry tickets of our own and of other organisations via our on-line shop Shops can order entrytickets of our own parties.


Private persons can buy cd's, vinyl, merchandise and tickets via our on-line shop for retailprices (consumerprices). Fuer Deutsche Kunden: Um den Zahlungsverkehr zwischen Deutschland und Holland effektiver und kostengünstiger gestalten zu können, haben wir ein Verrechnungskonto in Deutschland eingerichtet.


Shops and wholesalers can get on request a log-in to enter the on-line shop with published prices to dealers. If you are a shop or wholesaler and would like to get a log-in send a mail to A shop or wholesaler can also order from Rige Distribition by fax and/or e-mail. We need a copy of your Chambers of Commerce and a registered V.A.T. number (mehrwertsteuernummer / b.t.w.nummer). Fuer Deutsche Kunden: Um den Zahlungsverkehr zwischen Deutschland und Holland effektiver und kostengünstiger gestalten zu können, haben wir ein Verrechnungskonto in Deutschland eingerichtet.


Rige Entertainment is the promoter of parties like Megarave, Eurorave, Raveworld, Rave The Universe, Hardcore Overdose, Hardcore Heroes, Queensday Rave, Offensive Rec., Megarave Rec., Rotterdam Terror Corps Party, Hardcore, Hellraiser, and many others


Your organization can book artists like Paul Elstak, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Distortion, Dione, E-noid, Dr. Z-Vago, Negative A, mc Rtsier, Lunatic & Miss Hysteria, Randy, DJ D, Smurf, DNA DJ Team, Megarave Rec. DJ Team, Offensive Live Act, Darkcontroller, Kasparov, Plague, Poogie Bear, Tronic, Rob Gee, Delta 9, Slavefriese Live, CSR live, Firescream via Rige Bookings Agency. Contact : Tel +31.10.5065510 - Fax +31.10.5065511 -



Address: Ambachtsstraat 12, 3176 PR, Poortugaal (The Netherlands)
Tel: +31.(0)10.5065500 (Rige Distribution BV)
Fax: +31.(0)10.5065501 (Rige Distribution BV)
tel: +31.(0)10.5065510 (Rige Entertainment BV / Recordlabels / bookings)
Fax: +31.(0)10.5065511 (Rige Entertainment BV / Recordlabels / bookings)

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