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Promoters take note : Offensive DJ Team offer!

Tue April 29th, 2014

The golden Offensive Records duo, Offensive DJ Team (Beatstream & Radiate), is back! Ok, they've never been gone really, but their new fatherhood forced them to take it a bit easy the last year and only accept a limited number of bookings.

Today it's time to announce they are ready to rock, rave and rampage again. The boys are working hard to get their new releases out in the next few months, and are fully available again to bring their Offensive Records sound to your event.

To celebrate this, Rige Bookings can temporarily offer you a special rate if you book Offensive DJ Team. Please note that this is a limited promotion for you as recipient of this exclusive mailing, and the special rate only applies for booking  requests that are received by us before June 30th 2014.
For more info, press documents, exact fees etc. please contact

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