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Rige Bookings welcomes The Unfamous (France)

Mon May 26th, 2014

Style : Mainstream hardcore Label : Megarave Records

Since 1993, Vincent; also known as "The Unfamous" had been listening to Hardcore, when day in 1995, he decided to create his own hardcore tracks! Using sounds and samples extracted from the famous Thunderdome compilations, “Earthquake” or “Mokum”. He began to learn production on Fastracker II software, and was strongly inspired by Dutch compilations as well as some French ones. Hardcore Fever 1 & 2 and Hardcore III by Laurent HO were some of his greatest influences.

In 2001 , he began mixing on turntables to become a DJ/Producer. Most notably he enjoyed mixing with labels such as; Shockwave Records, Baby Boom and Ruffbeat. He then joined a group in northern France called DGX for 2 years under the name "Dj Executor". He also wrote several unreleased Terror tracks, at this time under the name "Explicit French Terror".

In 2003 he left DGX and decided to devote himself to an old project that was established in 1999 with a friend called the "Imperium Bass" project through which he completely changed his musical production system towards using Ableton Live.

In 2010, he and some friends created the label "Paris Hardcore Mafia" and made several hits with "Imperium Bass". He released an "Explicit French Terror E.P", "Breathing Hell E.P" and tracks on the "various artists EP". Also an exclusive output Hardkryptic record, under the name "PHM" for a remix of "Imperia - "Rock da mic".

In 2012 he had a hit with his production of the "Life is a bitch EP” (Featuring DJ Chrono), on the famous Label; Megarave. He also made a remix of "Horror" (original by Rotterdam Terror Corps) and some mashup/bootlegs which were a hit on the dance floor, an appearance on the Exode Records with 2 titles featuring "D- Ohmicyd" and "DJ s'Aphira", and one featuring "DJ TSX" out on Partyraiser records.

In the middle of 2013, he ceased all music projects and decided to create his solo project named "The Unfamous " with a style focused on the original Dutch Gabber sound, with influences from labels like Offensive Records, Neophyte Records, “Megarave Records”, mainstream and true hardcore.

In December of that year his productions were again featured on Megarave with the "Fuck Your Life EP", with 4 tracks reaching the Hardtunes top 10. He also made an appearance on DNA057 with a remix of "Twisted Fuck" with DJ Darkcontroller, which also climbed into the Hardtunes top 10.

In 2014 he made a track called "Rock n Core" released on a Partyraiser Records 005, which was a big success and hit number 1 in the Hardtunes charts for 2 consecutive weeks. His second solo EP on Megarave called “Blow Your Brains”, also hit the number 1 at the same time. This meant his tracks were positioned 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with 2 different labels!

The Unfamous! Mainstream, Hardcore, Gabber & Up-tempo with powerful melodies, some serious aggressive scream sounds, and massive kicks to kill the dance floor!

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